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A pre-listing home inspection can help a buyer make the decision to purchase your home. At the very least, it offers the buyer a feeling of confidence when purchasing your home. It pre-listing inspection from a seller is a tool a seller can use to communicate to the buyer that they want to be open and honest about the current condition of the property. Buyers can have some added confidence that the seller is being open and honest with a pre-listing home inspection. 

Purchasing the largest investment of a lifetime, can be a very stressful process. Choosing the right inspector will make the buying process a more informed process. After all, knowledge is power.

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A pre-Listing Inspection avoids unkind surprises for homeowners who are planning to sell their home. A satisfactory Inspection Report makes your home more attractive to buyers and distinguishes your home from similar properties for sale. Don’t be surprised by the buyer’s inspector’s findings. Identify defects and make repairs ahead of time. By identifying possible defects early on, the seller is in a position to handle repairs prior to listing, making the listing more attractive and the property more saleable. State disclosure laws vary, and sellers should consult with their attorneys/real estate agents on disclosure laws.

How to find a good home inspector

1. Do your homework: While many homebuyers hire a home inspector by their real estate agent or you can hire your own. Just make sure they check out. Make sure they are a member of a professional organization like International Association of Certified Home Inspectors  (Internachi). Also, ask for proof of insurance. A good inspector will carry general liability insurance, as well as, errors and omission (E&O) insurance.

2. Look for experience: An experienced inspector will have an extensive background in industries like the construction industry. A comprehensive understanding of the major systems in a home and the ability to communicate clearly is what is required and expected from you home inspector.

3. Consider the average cost: Most Home Inspections cost between $300 and $500.  If you are like me and do not like surprises, then you will want to know the cost is up front. Our charge is $300 for a home inspection for any home under three thousand square feet and additional $100 for each thousand square over three thousand. Additional charges for addition services may apply.